Hungry and Homeless in Paradise:

Toward a whole community approach to issues of poverty


The Symposium has been conceived as a public event for the purpose of provoking pubic interest in and awareness of creative solutions to issues of homelessness and hunger.


  1. To broaden alliances among existing service providers
  2. To bring the process of solution building more fully into mainstream consciousness
  3. To educate our communities regarding causality and constructive policy solutions.

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Date: Saturday, May 18th, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Place: Monterey Peninsula College
980 Fremont Blvd.
Monterey, CA. 93940
Event Day Check-in at the Learning and Technology Center (LTC): View Map

Online Registration Closes at Noon on Friday, May 17th!


Plenary Speaker:
County Supervisor Jane Parker

Plenary Address:
Toward a Whole Community Approach to Issues of Poverty

Panel Moderator:
MPC President, Dr Tribley


  • Lead Me Home: Our Community‚Äôs 10 Yr Plan to End Homelessness
  • Healthcare and the Homeless: Availability, Access and Obstacles to Service
  • Businesses and Homelessness: Building Effective and Compassionate Solutions
  • Framing Homelessness in the Media: A Strategic Communications Tool Kit
  • Public Policy and Homelessness: Humane Approaches to Decision-Making
  • Advocacy: from the Latin advocare, to call to one's aide
  • Faith-based Initiatives and Food Resources: Amplifying the Resources
  • Emergency and Transitional Shelter:Moving from Homeless to Housed


Breakout sessions will be moderated discussions between symposium participants and people with singular expertise. The goal of each breakout session will be initiation of a plan of action and a working group to further the plan. Criteria Include:
  • Presents, expands or innovates existing services to homeless in Monterey County
  • Brings novel approaches and actionable information to the local knowledge-base
  • Empowers local organizers and propagates community based initiatives to address issues of poverty


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